This website is run personally by myself, the artist, Margaret Turton. I value all my contacts and protect their privacy at all times


I have spent several years building up an email list of people who have shown an interest in my work or bought my products or paintings at exhibitions or via my own websites. I value every one.

What information do I store?

I store names and email addresses. I only store addresses and telephone numbers if they have been supplied to me for purposes of direct contact or delivery.

How do I use that information?

Email addresses are used for occasional Newsletters to inform people about forthcoming exhibitions, sales, new venues or events etc. I will also inform you about my latest paintings, where they can be viewed and any reproductions in the form of stationery, gifts or prints.

Do I store payment details?

If you purchase anything from me online the payment system encrypts your card details and so the transaction is secure. I cannot see your card details and they are not stored by me.

How often will I contact you?

I limit my email Newsletters to six per year so you will not be swamped with nuisance messages. These can be from Margaret Turton Art or Beauty Spot Designs.

Do I share your information with third parties?

I will never share any private information on my clients with galleries, other artists or anyone else.

Margaret TurtonCan I remove myself from the list?

I am sorry to lose any of my followers but if you decide you no longer wish to hear from me you can always unsubscribe immediately at the bottom of any of my newsletters or simply email me at

Thank you for your interest in my artwork.

Margaret Turton

Policy updated 23rd May 2018