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Margaret Turton first studied art at Eastbourne College of Art and Design (now demolished) and then went on to Canterbury College of Art and Design where she studied graphic design and illustration. Over the years since she has always kept up her passion for painting and has strived to produce images that capture the nature and character of Sussex. Her paintings have been sold through local galleries and exhibitions over a period of twenty-five years and she is now able to offer a collection of signed prints and cards at events and galleries around East Sussex.


South Downs Book

A Picture of the South Downs

Margaret Turton is featured in a new book about the artists that live and work around the South Downs National Park. Beautiful full colour images of their work fills this fantastic book.

Written by Christine and Terry Timblick
Published by Halsgrove

ISBN 978-1-906690-44-1

Appearance on BBC Countryfile

Matt Baler & Margaret Turton

In October 2012 Margaret Turton was filmed for an episode of the popular TV series, Countryfile. The feature highlighted the local campaign to raise money to repaint the famous red and white stripes of Beachy Head lighthouse.

Margaret was asked to paint two similar paintings of the lighthouse, one with the iconic stripes and one with the paint fading to grey as if it had been left derelict for several years. Margaret completed the 'grey' lighthouse painting as she was being interviewed by presenter, Matt Baker. Members of the public were then asked which version they prefered.

Following the broadcast the campaign soon reached its final target so the lighthouse was finally given a new coat of paint in 2013. 

Countryfile Happy Ending

Matt Baker at One Show

Margaret was invited to the One Show studio in December 2013 to take part in a Christmas Virtual Choir so she took the opportunity to update Matt Baker on the progress of the campaign.

'I was very pleased to be able to report that the lighthouse has now had it's fresh coat of paint. I showed Matt photographs by Rob Wassell of the work in progress and the completed job. He was very pleased to hear the story had a happy ending.'

Margaret Turton

Beachy Head Lighthouse by Rob Wassell                  



'Your paintings are all special everyone should have one in their house!' K Stevens

'Yesterday I picked up your watercolour painting from the Hydro and I must say I am really delighted with it and have hung it up already in the room which I have recently decorated. I have been looking for something like it for sometime and your painting really caught my eye. I should imagine sometimes it is hard to part with your lovely work when you have spent so much detail putting it together - but is has certainly come to a good home ! ' B Jenner

'Just to let you know that the picture arrived this morning, am very pleased with it.' S MacPhail

'I am sending you these photos taken in my friend's garden so that you can see why I bought the painting. 30 years ago the tree didn't look so old!'
D. Warland 2011

'Thank you very much for inviting me to join you in the Eastbourne Festival Open House event. It has been most enjoyable and has made a good start to the year.'
P. Burke 2010

Visitors' Book 2012

'Beautiful paintings - well done. They will give much pleasure.' W Prodger
'Absolutely fabulous.' M Green
'Snow wonderful!' R Hyatt

Visitors' Book 2010 & 11

'Lovely work. Inspiring & Most enjoyable.' P & A
'Lovely work. It must take dedication, dedication..' A Claude
'Excellent paintings and the prints are so good and clear.' R & I Harper
'Lovely work. Gets better every year.' Stephen Lloyd
'Wonderful... inspirational. Well done.' L Sweetman

Visitors Book 2009

'Beautiful work, thank you for the opportunity to see it.' J Cremer
'Wish I was as talented!' L Maiden
'Lovely work and so  local, well done.' L Brown
'So uplifting to see familiar places so well painted with such atmosphere.' N & H Stanley
'Open your eyes to appreciate the local surroundings brought to life.' C & J Potts
'Lovely exhibition - evokes strong memories and sharpens my awareness.' D Coffee

Visitors' Book 2008

'Excellent artwork, beautifully displayed.' J.Clark
'Thank you for the inspiration - very uplifting' B Reynolds
'Captures loveliness of Downs and other areas.' B & C King
'Lovely paintings.' S Evans
'Very attractive exhibition.' J Hughes
'Nice to see art so local.' B Giny
'Very tastefully exhibited & ditto music!' J & J Hughes
'Thank you for your exhibition. Exhilarating!' H Paddon
'Fascinating. Very much enjoyed.' C & J Harvey
'Very accomplished - something to aspire to.' P & B Hempstead
'Thoroughly enjoyed our visit - beautiful watercolours.' S & A Cuttill
'Excellent! Please do it again.' A Green
'Loved the derelict bandstand - a warning to us all!' T Andrews
'Hope this event is repeated!' J Hangler
'Love the trees especially, so talented! Really enjoyable. Great to meet you.' P Burns
'I enjoyed seeing these paintings and admire Margaret Turton's work.' J Farebrother
'What beautiful work and a joy to behold. Thank you.' Wright & Lomass
'We are very appreciative of the variety of really high standard art exhibited in the Willingdon Art Trail.' R & J Rowley
'Thank you for inviting us in! Some lovely pieces, and great to see the work in progress.' T & P


CV: Certificate in Arts and Cultural Management, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. Previous jobs include working in own gallery, freelance artist/illustrator, framer's/art restorer assistant, freelance graphic designer/desk top publishing, school reprographics technician, web designer's assistant.

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